The Facility

The Facility

Parkview was designed from the ground up by an award-winning architect and engineering firm and partnered with an industry-leading dental equipment supplier to be eco-friendly.

The facility offices have been designed with wide hallways and larger than usual treatment rooms for maximum accessibility of strollers and wheelchairs, and to allow parents to join their children during treatment. Each treatment room is enclosed and baffled to allow for patient confidentiality and privacy.

Adults will enjoy the relaxed spa-like setting, and kids will love the play area stocked with toys and games for all ages.

Parkview Dental uses proven technology to yield the following benefits:

  • Digital Radiography

    Parkview Dental uses the latest digital radiography technology.  This uses up to 90% less radiation than used by traditional dental x-rays and completely eliminates the toxic chemicals and waste necessary to develop traditional x-rays.  Digital x-ray images are also viewable instantly, further decreasing the amount of time spent waiting in the chair, and allowing patients access to their own medical records.

  • Intra-Oral Photography

    A picture is worth a thousand words.  During patient intake, a specially-designed digital intra-oral camera is used to take a full set of images of all teeth.  These can be used to help show the patient exactly where problem areas are, to explain procedures and to easily allow before and after comparisons.  There’s no need to peer into a tiny mirror.

  • New Equipment

    Parkview Dental not only has new dental equipment but also new water, air and vaccum lines to ensure the highest quality of water delivered to the patients.  This is important as aging dental water unit lines have been linked to waterborne pathogens such as Legionaires disease.  See

  • Mercury-Free Dentistry

    Parkview Dental offers mercury-free dentistry and the removal of mercury fillings. Special filters have been installed that prevent mercury from contaminating the environment once it is removed from the patient’s mouth. Special techniques allow us to safely remove amalgam fillings without putting the patient at an increased risk of mercury exposure.

  • Digital Patient Records

    Patients at Parkview Dental can download their paperwork and fill it at home thus eliminating the need to arrive in advance of their appointment. If patients are uncomfortable filling forms out online or need any assistance, our friendly staff is available to assist.

  • Paperless and Efficient Communications

    Notifications such as appointment reminders are sent through text, email or telephone call in an order to eliminate paper waste. Any paper that is used at Parkview Dental is recycled and we have implemented an office paper-recycling program. Insurance claims are sent electronically as well to save paper

  • Natural Lighting

    Large windows overlooking Echo Lake Park allow for natural lighting, which is important for selecting shades of dental materials for veneers and crowns.

  • Other Eco-Friendly Choices

    From furniture made from reclaimed wood, energy efficient applicances, no-VOC paints and materials, to recycled fabric for our reception seating, Parkview Dental strives to use the safest, most sustainable products.

  • Patient Comfort

    Nitrous oxide and Oraqix, which is a needle-free anesthetic, are available to help our patients through dental procedures. Our patients will also enjoy extras like iPods with noise canceling headphones, Netflix and Apple TV during their dental procedures. Children will be able to play in a separate area with toys, books and dust-free chalk.

Parkview is located at 560 Springfield Avenue Suite L, at the corner of Springfield Avenue and Mill Lane, near downtown Westfield, NJ. While parking in the downtown area can often be a problem, our facility has its own private parking area.  Patients and parents can easily access our second-floor office by elevator.