Tips / Advice

  • Going Green

    Welcome to Parkview Dental of Westfield! We are a brand new, state of the art dental facility located in the beautiful town of Westfield, New Jersey. Not only are we virtually paperless, but we know every material that went into the construction of the office and we could make smart decisions that were both ecologically […]

  • BPA-Free Sealants

    As a new mother, I have been inundated with BPA-free products from baby bottles to toys, so I know that the concern is real.  While the American Dental Association states that BPA from sealants poses little risk to children (and that the exposure is actually 2-5x less than the estimated daily exposure from food and […]

  • Stop Gum Recession

    Gums can recede for a variety of reasons. When gums no longer cover the root of the tooth the way they were designed to, sensitivity can occur and tooth stability can be compromised. The porous roots of teeth are normally covered by gums, and are especially sensitive to temperature and touch, as the nerve endings […]

  • Floss With Water

    Using oral irrigators and water flossers such as Waterpik products can help clean even more efficiently than traditional floss.¹ Because they are easy to use, they also help patients clean around devices like braces, bridges or who have dexterity problems. Water flossers work by delivering a steady stream of water, which flushes away plaque biofilm. […]

  • Use An Electric Toothbrush

    Electric toothbrushes are repeatedly shown to remove more plaque and bacteria than their manual counterparts. Because they make up to hundreds and thousands more strokes than you would with a manual brush, they are much more efficient in cleaning teeth. Brushing two teeth at a time, angle the brush toward the gumline at a 45-degree […]