Toothbrush selection

  • Parkview Dental’s Recommended Dental Products Are On Pinterest!

    We will be putting together a list of our reviewed dental products on Pinterest.

  • Stop Gum Recession

    Gums can recede for a variety of reasons. When gums no longer cover the root of the tooth the way they were designed to, sensitivity can occur and tooth stability can be compromised. The porous roots of teeth are normally covered by gums, and are especially sensitive to temperature and touch, as the nerve endings […]

  • Floss With Water

    Using oral irrigators and water flossers such as Waterpik products can help clean even more efficiently than traditional floss.¹ Because they are easy to use, they also help patients clean around devices like braces, bridges or who have dexterity problems. Water flossers work by delivering a steady stream of water, which flushes away plaque biofilm. […]